10 Best Estate Wedding Venues in Australia

10 Best Estate Wedding Venues in Australia

Wedding Venues in Australia

Australia, with its diverse landscapes and breathtaking views, has become an increasingly popular destination for weddings. Couples from around the world are drawn to the unique charm and elegance that Australian estate venues offer. The importance of selecting the right venue cannot be overstated; it sets the tone for the entire event and is a cornerstone of the wedding experience. From picturesque vineyards to historic mansions, Australia’s estate wedding venues offer a variety of backdrops for the perfect wedding day.


Top 10 Estate Wedding Venues in Australia

Top 10 Estate Wedding Venues in Australia

This curated list of the top 10 estate wedding venues across Australia has been meticulously compiled based on several criteria. These criteria include the sheer beauty of the location, the range of amenities provided, the quality of services offered, and the overall atmosphere. Each venue has its unique charm, whether it be its stunning architectural features, sprawling gardens, or unparalleled views, ensuring that every couple can find their dream wedding location in this list.

Here are ten highly regarded estate wedding venues in Australia, each offering a unique charm and luxury for your special day:

Glenmore Country Estate, NSW

Glenmore Country Estate in the Hunter Valley, renowned for its prestigious wine region, epitomises the seamless blend of country charm and luxury. This estate provides a whimsical setting for weddings, thanks to its picturesque landscapes and elegant accommodations. Ideal for couples seeking a serene and romantic rural setting, Glenmore offers various outdoor and indoor venues for ceremonies and receptions. The advantage of choosing Glenmore Country Estate lies in its breathtaking natural surroundings, providing a stunning backdrop for wedding photos, along with the estate’s capacity to cater to both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. The region’s wine heritage adds a unique touch to wedding festivities, offering guests an exquisite selection of local wines.

The Cove Jervis Bay, NSW

The Cove Jervis Bay offers an exclusive beach resort experience set within the pristine Booderee National Park. Its white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters provide a private and scenic setting for wedding ceremonies and celebrations. This venue is perfect for couples wanting a beachfront wedding with a sense of seclusion and natural beauty. The Cove allows couples to exchange vows against the ocean backdrop, followed by a beachside reception under the stars. The advantage of this venue is its ability to create a mini-destination wedding experience, where guests can stay on-site and enjoy a weekend of celebrations in a stunning coastal setting.

Mona Farm, Braidwood, NSW

Mona Farm is an exquisite blend of English heritage and Australian landscape, featuring magnificent gardens, stunning ponds, and historic buildings. This venue offers a unique setting for weddings, with a range of indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to different themes and preferences. From the elegance of its heritage buildings to the natural beauty of its gardens, Mona Farm provides a versatile backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions. The advantage of Mona Farm is its comprehensive offering, including luxurious accommodation for guests, making it an all-in-one wedding destination that combines history, art, and nature.

Merribee, Numbaa, NSW

Merribee is distinguished by its Alice-in-Wonderland-esque charm and elaborate hedge maze, offering over 30 outdoor garden rooms and unique spaces such as ‘The Barn’ and ‘The Grain Silo’. This venue is ideal for couples looking for a whimsical and enchanting setting for their wedding day. The variety of garden rooms allows for a personalised and intimate ceremony, while the unique spaces like The Barn offer rustic charm for receptions. The advantage of Merribee lies in its ability to transport guests to a magical garden paradise, providing endless possibilities for customisation and photo opportunities.

Shene Estate and Distillery, Tasmania

Shene Estate and Distillery offer a picturesque and historical setting, perfect for couples seeking a venue with depth and character. This estate’s rich heritage and stunning architectural elements provide a unique backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Couples can choose from various locations within the estate, each offering a glimpse into the property’s storied past. The advantage of Shene Estate is its distinctive blend of history, beauty, and exclusivity, allowing couples to celebrate their wedding in a venue that stands out from the traditional choices.

Summergrove Estate, Tweed Hinterland, NSW

Summergrove Estate is celebrated for its exceptional wedding coordinators and its stunning blend of beauty and professionalism. Located in the picturesque Tweed Hinterland, the estate offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and ocean, making it a breathtaking location for weddings. The advantage of Summergrove Estate lies in its comprehensive wedding packages and dedicated coordinators, ensuring every aspect of the wedding day is meticulously planned and executed, allowing couples to enjoy their special day stress-free.

Tatra, Mount Dandenong, VIC

Tatra, nestled in the beautiful township of Mount Dandenong, is the epitome of a romantic escape, with its lush fairytale gardens and canopies of flowers. This venue offers a magical setting for both ceremonies and receptions, with its gardens providing a colourful and fragrant backdrop. The advantage of Tatra is its idyllic location and stunning natural beauty, offering couples a serene and picturesque setting that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Crown Melbourne, VIC

Crown Melbourne offers a more urban and contemporary wedding experience, situated along the Yarra River with stunning views over Melbourne’s CBD. This venue features spectacular function spaces that can accommodate weddings of all sizes and styles. The advantage of Crown Melbourne is its versatility and luxury, offering state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional dining experiences, and impeccable service, ensuring a glamorous and unforgettable wedding celebration.

Darlington Estate Winery, Perth, WA

Darlington Estate Winery presents a rustic charm, surrounded by vines and mountains, making it an ideal venue for vineyard weddings. This venue offers a picturesque setting for both ceremonies and receptions, with the estate’s vineyards providing a romantic backdrop. The advantage of Darlington Estate is its intimate and natural setting, combined with the superb quality of its wines, offering couples and their guests an authentic vineyard experience.

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), with its range of special function spaces among famous artworks, sculptures, and gardens, offers a culturally rich wedding experience. This venue is perfect for art-loving couples who want to incorporate a sense of cultural sophistication into their wedding day. The advantage of NGV is its iconic status and architectural beauty, providing a unique and memorable setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions, surrounded by world-class art.

Comparing Venues: What to Consider

Comparing Venues: What to Consider

When comparing these stunning venues, couples should consider various factors such as their budget, the size of their guest list, and the desired location. Other considerations might include the type of scenery they prefer, available dates, and the level of exclusivity the venue offers. This section would delve into how to balance these aspects to choose the perfect venue that aligns with the couple’s vision and expectations.

Tips for Planning an Estate Wedding in Australia

Estate Wedding in Australia

Planning a wedding in Australia requires consideration of various logistics, including the local weather patterns, transportation for guests, and understanding the legal requirements for marriage in Australia, especially for international couples. This section will provide practical advice on navigating these aspects smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable wedding planning experience.

Makeup Ideas for Different Venues in Australia

Creating the perfect bridal look involves matching your makeup with the ambience of your wedding venue. Each of the spectacular venues across Australia offers a unique setting that can inspire distinct makeup styles. Here’s how you can tailor your makeup look to complement the vibe and aesthetic of some popular types of wedding venues in Australia:

1. Beachfront Venues (e.g., The Cove Jervis Bay, NSW)

  • Makeup Idea: Opt for a natural, glowing look with bronzed, dewy skin to reflect the sun-kissed shores. A soft, shimmering eye shadow paired with waterproof mascara ensures your makeup stays flawless against the ocean breeze. Finish with a tinted lip balm for a hint of colour that feels effortless.

2. Winery Estates (e.g., Darlington Estate Winery, Perth, WA)

  • Makeup Idea: Embrace a romantic, soft-glam makeup look with earthy, warm tones on the eyes and cheeks to echo the rustic charm of the vineyards. A matte or satin-finish lipstick in a berry or mauve shade complements the natural beauty of the winery setting.

3. Historic Estates (e.g., Shene Estate and Distillery, Tasmania)

  • Makeup Idea: Vintage-inspired makeup featuring winged eyeliner and classic red lips pays homage to the timeless elegance of historic venues. Keep the skin fresh and luminous, with a subtle contour to enhance your features under the grandeur of these heritage sites.

4. Garden Estates (e.g., Merribee, Numbaa, NSW)

  • Makeup Idea: A floral-inspired palette with soft pinks and peaches on the cheeks and lips, paired with light eye makeup, reflects the garden’s natural beauty. A touch of highlighter on the high points of the face captures the enchanting outdoor light.

5. Urban Chic Venues (e.g., Crown Melbourne, VIC)

  • Makeup Idea: A sleek and modern makeup look with a focus on flawless skin, a neutral smokey eye, and a nude or bold lip colour suits the contemporary elegance of urban venues. A bit of shimmer on the eyes or cheeks adds glamour without overpowering the sophistication of the setting.

6. Countryside Retreats (e.g., Glenmore Country Estate, NSW)

  • Makeup Idea: Embrace a bohemian, rustic makeup style with soft, diffused eye makeup in earth tones, a touch of bronzer for a sun-kissed look, and a nude or peach lip. This approach complements the laid-back, natural beauty of countryside venues.

7. Art Galleries (e.g., National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC)

  • Makeup Idea: A bold and artistic makeup look with a statement feature, such as a vibrant lip colour or graphic eyeliner, complements the creative surroundings of an art gallery. Keep the rest of the makeup understated to let the statement feature stand out.


Beach wedding venue

The estates listed offer a diverse range of options, each with its charm and elegance, making them some of the best choices for a wedding venue in Australia. Couples are encouraged to explore these venues further, either by visiting in person or reaching out for more information, to truly appreciate what makes each location unique and ideal for their special day.

Specialising in creating bespoke bridal looks that blend seamlessly with your chosen venue’s aesthetic, our team ensures that your beauty shines as brightly as your love story. As you embark on this magical journey of marriage at one of Australia’s top estate wedding venues, allow Tina Kristen Weddings to provide the professional touch to your bridal makeup and hair. Contact us today to book your personalised wedding makeup and hair trial, and let’s make your wedding day as picture-perfect as the estate you’ve chosen to say “I do.”

FAQs About Estate Wedding Venues in Australia

Q: What Makes Estate Wedding Venues in Australia Unique?

Estate wedding venues in Australia offer a blend of breathtaking landscapes, elegant architecture, and exclusive privacy. Their unique charm comes from the diverse settings available—from vineyards in the Yarra Valley to historic mansions in the countryside, providing a picturesque and versatile backdrop for weddings.

Q: Can Estate Wedding Venues Accommodate Large Weddings?

Yes, many estate wedding venues in Australia can accommodate large weddings. They often have expansive outdoor and indoor spaces suitable for both ceremonies and receptions, allowing for guest lists of various sizes. However, it’s essential to check the specific capacity of each venue.

Q: Are There Estate Wedding Venues in Australia That Offer Accommodation?

Absolutely. Several estate wedding venues in Australia provide onsite accommodation for the wedding party and guests. This can range from luxurious guest rooms within the estate to charming cottages on the grounds, offering convenience and a complete experience for everyone involved.

Q: What Should I Consider When Choosing an Estate Wedding Venue in Australia?

Consider the venue’s location, capacity, available facilities, accommodation options, and whether it aligns with your wedding theme and aesthetic. Also, think about the weather at the time of your wedding and if the venue can accommodate indoor and outdoor activities.