The Ultimate Guide for Wedding Dress Colors

The Ultimate Guide for Wedding Dress Colors

What Wedding Dress Colour to Wear

What Wedding Dress Colour to Wear

Selecting the perfect colour for your wedding dress is more than a mere aesthetic choice; it is a decision that holds profound significance, setting the emotional and visual tone for your special day. The evolution of wedding dress colours has been a dynamic journey intimately tied to shifting societal norms and ever-changing fashion trends. This comprehensive guide aims to provide a thorough exploration of both traditional and non-traditional wedding dress colours. 


Traditional Wedding Dress Colours

White dresses for a bride

1. White

White wedding dresses hold a profound historical significance deeply rooted in notions of purity and innocence. Traditionally associated with Western weddings, white symbolises the commencement of a new chapter in couples embarking on their marital journey. However, it’s essential to acknowledge cultural variations, as some societies view white as a symbol of mourning, adding layers of meaning to this seemingly universal choice.

In modern interpretations, the spectrum of white dresses has expanded significantly. From classic, time-honoured designs to contemporary and bold styles, white showcases a remarkable versatility that transcends traditional boundaries. Brides can now express their individuality through diverse silhouettes and embellishments while maintaining the timeless elegance associated with this colour.

2. Ivory

Ivory coloured wedding dress

Distinguishing between white and ivory is a nuanced decision, especially for brides seeking a softer, warmer tone for their wedding attire. Ivory, a popular choice known for its subtlety, brings a unique charm to bridal fashion. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, ivory carries its symbolic meanings, often associated with grace and sophistication.

Brides can explore how shades of ivory interact with various skin tones, enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty. This section delves into the allure of ivory, positioning it as a middle ground between the starkness of white and the warmth of cream, providing brides with a spectrum of choices for their special day.


3. Off-White and Cream

Off-White and Cream

Delving into the realm of off-white and cream opens up a captivating spectrum of possibilities for brides seeking alternatives to the conventional white palette. Exploring the subtle variations in these shades allows brides to make nuanced choices that align with their personal preferences and wedding themes. Deciding between off-white, cream, and ivory involves thoughtful consideration of the desired aesthetic and the overall ambience of the wedding celebration.


Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Colours

1. Blush and Pink Tones

Blush and Pink Tones wedding dress

Breaking away from the traditional whites, blush, and pink tones inject a sense of romance and femininity into wedding attire. Beyond their sheer aesthetic appeal, these colours carry deep symbolism and cultural significance, making them a meaningful choice for brides looking to make a unique statement on their special day. This section encourages brides to explore the vast array of pink and blush shades, pairing them with different wedding themes and creating a look that is not only distinctive but also profoundly personalised.

Understanding the symbolism associated with these colours adds more significance to the decision-making process. Whether it’s the representation of love, compassion, or cultural connotations, brides can infuse these hues with personal meaning, making their wedding dress a powerful expression of their journey toward marriage.


2. Champagne and Gold

Champagne and Gold

For brides seeking to add a touch of luxury and opulence to their wedding attire, champagne and gold tones stand out as exquisite choices. This section navigates brides through the delightful dilemma of choosing between these rich and regal colours. It provides insights into the unique characteristics of champagne and gold, helping brides make an informed decision based on their personal preferences and the overall theme of their wedding.


3. Blue and Something Blue

Blue and Something Blue

Incorporating blue into wedding attire introduces a refreshing and unconventional twist to tradition. Brides are inspired to explore the symbolic significance of blue, whether it be representing love, fidelity, or a personal connection. Drawing inspiration from celebrities who have embraced blue wedding dresses, this section encourages brides to embrace bold and unconventional choices, creating a bridal look that is both unique and memorable.


Seasonal Considerations

As you select the perfect wedding dress colour, consider the season of your nuptials, which adds depth and coherence to your overall vision. Each season brings its palette and atmosphere, influencing not only the aesthetics of your wedding but also the comfort and mood of the occasion.

1. Spring

Spring season wedding

  • Colours that Complement the Spring Season: Spring weddings are synonymous with renewal, blossoming flowers, and freshness. Considerations extend beyond the dress, touching on how these colours can be incorporated into the wedding theme, including decorations and bridal bouquets.
  • Floral Patterns and Pastel Hues: Brides can find inspiration in the abundance of nature, bringing an air of romance and whimsy to their wedding attire.
  • Popular Choices for Spring Weddings: Whether it’s the timeless elegance of lavender or the cheerful warmth of peach, brides can navigate through the seasonal colour palette, ensuring their dress resonates with the spirit of spring.


2. Summer

summer season wedding

  • Light and Airy Fabrics for Summer Weddings: Summer weddings evoke images of sun-kissed days and balmy evenings. Choosing light and airy fabrics for wedding dresses becomes crucial to ensure comfort throughout the celebration. 
  • Vibrant Colour Options for Summer Brides: With the vibrancy of summer, brides can embrace a bold and lively colour palette. Brides can draw inspiration from the warmth and energy of summer, infusing their wedding dresses with a splash of vibrant hues.
  • Cooling Effects of Colour Choices: Understanding the cooling effects of colour choices is essential for summer brides. This section provides insights into how specific colours can contribute to a refreshing and relaxed ambience, enhancing the bride’s and the attendees’ overall experience.


3. Fall and Winter

fall and winter season wedding

  • Rich and Warm Tones for Fall Weddings: Fall weddings are characterised by rich and warm tones, mirroring the changing colours of foliage. This section delves into the earthy palette of fall, offering brides guidance on selecting colours that complement the season’s cozy and romantic ambience.
  • Deep and Elegant Colours for Winter Brides: Winter weddings often embrace deep, elegant colours that evoke a sense of sophistication. This part explores the winter colour spectrum, from deep burgundies to icy blues. Brides can draw inspiration from the seasonal atmosphere, creating a wedding dress harmonising with the winter landscape.
  • Incorporating Seasonal Elements into Your Dress: Beyond colour choices, this section guides brides on incorporating seasonal elements into the dress. From winter-friendly fabrics to fall-inspired accessories, brides can explore ways to infuse their attire with the season’s essence.


Cultural and Symbolic Influences

asiann culture and wedding

1. Red in Asian Cultures

In many Asian cultures, red is steeped in symbolism and tradition. This section delves into the multifaceted meanings of red, representing love, prosperity, and good luck. Understanding the cultural significance allows brides to appreciate the depth behind this vibrant hue.

Beyond the dress itself, this part examines the significance of red accessories. From intricate embroidery to bold jewellery choices, brides can explore how red accents contribute to the overall bridal ensemble, creating a harmonious and culturally resonant look.


2. Black and Gothic Inspirations

black wedding dress

Black, often associated with formality and sophistication, has become an unconventional yet striking choice for wedding dresses. 

For brides drawn to the mystique and allure of Gothic themes, this part delves into the colour palette associated with Gothic weddings. From deep purples to midnight blacks, brides can explore how these colours contribute to a darkly romantic and elegant aesthetic.

Choosing black doesn’t mean sacrificing elegance. From silhouette choices to accessory pairings, brides can discover how to achieve a timeless and sophisticated look with this unconventional colour.


Makeup Ideas for Wedding Dress Colours and Designs

When it comes to weddings, one of the most exciting aspects for many brides is the opportunity to showcase their style through dress and makeup. Different wedding dress colours and designs can inspire various makeup ideas, each tailored to uniquely complement the bride’s look. This blog will explore multiple makeup ideas for different wedding dress colours and designs, helping brides-to-be find the perfect match for their big day.


1. Classic White Gowns

For the traditional white gown, a timeless makeup look is vital. Think soft, romantic tones. A light, dewy foundation paired with a subtle blush adds a touch of warmth. Eyes can be enhanced with neutral shadows, eyeliner, and mascara. For lips, a soft pink or nude colour keeps the look elegant. The goal is to enhance natural beauty, ensuring the white dress remains the focal point.


2. Ivory and Cream Dresses

Ivory and cream dresses suit a slightly warmer makeup palette. A medium-coverage foundation that evens the skin tone without masking it is ideal. Eye makeup can be a bit bolder, with warm browns and golds. A well-defined eyeliner and volumising mascara can make the eyes pop. A peach or coral blush and matching lipstick can tie the whole look together, complementing the warmth of the dress.


3. Blush Pink Gowns

Blush pink gowns call for a playful and romantic makeup style. A light foundation with a luminous finish creates a youthful glow. Eyes can be adorned with soft pink and mauve shades, and a slight shimmer on the inner corners brightens the look. A rosy blush that mimics a natural flush and a coordinating lip colour, either in a glossy or matte finish, completes this charming look.


4. Bold Coloured Dresses

A more dramatic makeup look can be stunning for brides wearing bold-coloured dresses, like deep reds or blues. Start with a full-coverage foundation for a flawless base. Smoky eyes using shades that complement the dress colour adds drama and intensity. A neutral blush keeps the focus on the eyes, while a bold lip colour in a matching or contrasting hue makes a powerful statement.


5. Vintage-Inspired Gowns

Vintage-inspired gowns work beautifully with classic, old Hollywood-style makeup. A flawless base, perhaps with a matte finish, sets the stage. Winged eyeliner and red lips are iconic for this look. Subtle contouring and a touch of highlighter can accentuate features, while neutral eyeshadows keep the focus on the bold lips and liner.


6. Bohemian Style Dresses

Bohemian-style dresses pair well with a natural, effortless makeup look. Think tinted moisturiser or a light foundation for a barely-there feel. A bit of bronzer and a natural-toned blush lend a sun-kissed look. Eye makeup should be minimal – a swipe of mascara and a touch of nude or light brown eyeshadow. A tinted lip balm or nude lipstick completes this laid-back yet beautiful look.



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Q: Can I wear a non-traditional colour for my wedding dress?

Yes, exploring non-traditional colours is a growing trend. When making this choice, brides are encouraged to consider their style, wedding theme, and cultural context.

Q: Are there cultural considerations when choosing wedding dress colours?

Absolutely. Some cultures attribute specific meanings to certain colours. It’s crucial to research and respect these traditions if applicable.

Q: How can I incorporate seasonal elements into my wedding dress colour?

Consider colours that complement the season, such as pastels for spring or deep tones for fall. Additionally, think about the weight of the fabric to ensure comfort.

Q: Can I wear more than one colour for my wedding dress?

Certainly! Some brides choose dresses with multiple colours, creating a unique and personalised look. Mixing and matching colours can add depth and visual interest.

Q: Are there any rules for choosing wedding dress colours?

While there are traditional choices, there are no strict rules. Brides should focus on what makes them feel beautiful and aligns with their vision for the wedding. Personal preference and individuality are critical in this decision-making process.