Top 10 Small Venues for Intimate Wedding Gold Coast

Top 10 Small Venues for Intimate Wedding Gold Coast

Intimate Weddings in Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast, renowned for its breathtaking beaches, lush hinterland, and vibrant city life, presents an idyllic wedding backdrop. This coastal paradise offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern luxury, making it a coveted destination for couples seeking a romantic and intimate wedding setting. The choice of venue is pivotal in defining the ambience and experience of your special day. Selecting the right platform on the Gold Coast, especially for a smaller, more intimate wedding, ensures a personalized and memorable celebration, reflecting the unique bond you share with your partner.


Why Choose a Small Venue for Your Wedding?

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Choosing a small venue for your wedding offers several compelling advantages, particularly for couples seeking a more intimate, personalised, and meaningful celebration. Here are some key reasons why a small venue might be the perfect choice for your wedding:


Intimacy and Personalisation

Small venues naturally create a more intimate atmosphere where you can interact closely with each of your guests. This intimacy allows for a more personal and heartfelt celebration, where every guest truly feels part of your special day. A smaller guest list also means more opportunities to personalize details, from customized seating arrangements to personalised menus and favours.



Hosting a wedding at a smaller venue often leads to significant cost savings. With fewer guests to accommodate, you can save on various aspects like catering, seating, decorations, and possibly venue costs. This financial efficiency can allow you to allocate your budget to other areas, such as a dream honeymoon, a higher quality menu, or more elaborate decor.


Flexibility and Creative Freedom

Smaller venues often offer more flexibility when it comes to decoration and layout. You might find it easier to transform the space to match your vision, theme, and style. This can include unique seating arrangements, specialized decor themes, and more.


Quality Time with Guests

Spending quality time with each guest at a large wedding can be challenging. A smaller venue with fewer guests allows you and your partner to have meaningful interactions with everyone who attends, making them feel valued and included in your celebration.


Reduced Stress and Complexity

Planning a wedding at a smaller venue is typically less complex and stressful. With fewer logistical considerations and a more manageable guest list, you can focus more on the joy of the occasion rather than getting overwhelmed by the details.


Unique and Memorable Locations

countryside and beachside wedding venue

Small venues are often unique and memorable in their own right. From quaint countryside inns to cozy beachside cottages, these venues can provide a distinctive backdrop to your wedding that stands out from more traditional, more extensive media.


Greater Emphasis on the Couple

With a smaller venue and guest list, the focus remains on the couple and their love story. This can make the entire event feel more personal and heartfelt, genuinely reflecting the personalities and preferences of you and your partner.


Benefits of Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings offer a profoundly personal experience, allowing couples to share their special day with their closest friends and family more meaningfully. These smaller gatherings are cost-effective, allowing more budget allocation to other wedding aspects and fostering a warm, inclusive atmosphere. Guests feel more connected to the couple and each other, creating a communal celebration of love that larger weddings often miss.


Small Venues for Intimate Wedding in Gold Coast

Salt Bar, Kingscliff

Salt Bar

Salt Bar is nestled on the picturesque coastline and offers a stunning beachfront setting perfect for intimate weddings. Its modern, elegant decor and panoramic ocean views provide a breathtaking backdrop for ceremonies and receptions. The venue’s dedicated team ensures every detail is tailored to your preferences, making it ideal for a memorable seaside wedding.


Austinville Valley Estate, Austinville

 Austinville Valley Estate, Austinville

This charming estate in the lush Austinville Valley is a hidden gem for intimate weddings. Surrounded by natural rainforest, the venue features beautifully landscaped gardens and a rustic yet elegant setting. It’s perfect for couples seeking a serene, private, and picturesque location.


The Boathouse, Currumbin

The Boathouse, Currumbin

Situated on the banks of the Currumbin Creek, The Boathouse offers a unique and tranquil setting for a small wedding. Its rustic charm, combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding waterways, creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere.


Tamborine Gardens, Mount Tamborine

Tamborine Gardens, Mount Tamborine

Located in the serene hinterland, Tamborine Gardens boasts stunning garden settings for your ceremony and elegant reception venues. Its lush landscapes and private cottages offer a fairy-tale setting for a secluded and romantic wedding.


Bond University Events Centre, Robina

Bond University Events Centre, Robina

For a touch of sophistication, Bond University’s Events Centre provides an elegant backdrop with its modern architecture and beautiful lakeside views. It’s ideal for couples looking for a contemporary and stylish venue.


The Fish House, Burleigh Heads

The Fish House, Burleigh Heads

Offering exquisite seafood and breathtaking views of Burleigh Beach, The Fish House is a fine dining restaurant perfect for small, upscale weddings. The venue’s intimate setting and exceptional service ensure a luxurious wedding experience.


Summergrove Estate, Carool

Summergrove Estate, Carool

Set amidst rolling vineyards and with panoramic ocean views, Summergrove Estate is a romantic choice for couples. Its chapel, villa accommodation, and beautifully manicured grounds provide the complete package for an intimate and picturesque wedding.


Eagle Heights Mountain Resort, Eagle Heights

Eagle Heights

Perched atop Tamborine Mountain, this resort offers a spectacular view of the Gold Coast skyline. Its garden gazebo and elegant function rooms are ideal for intimate celebrations surrounded by nature.


O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, Lamington National Park

O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat, Lamington National Park

For a truly unique experience, O’Reilly’s in the heart of the rainforest offers a tranquil and enchanting setting. The natural beauty and secluded location make it perfect for a nature-inspired wedding.


Coolibah Downs Private Estate, Nerang

Coolibah Downs Private Estate, Nerang

This private estate combines the beauty of a traditional chapel with the elegance of manicured gardens and a classic homestead. It’s an idyllic setting for those seeking a timeless and intimate wedding venue.

Each venue offers something unique: a stunning ocean view, a serene rainforest setting, or a charming garden atmosphere, making them perfect choices for an intimate wedding on the Gold Coast.


Tips for Planning Your Intimate Wedding on the Gold Coast

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Choosing the Right Venue

Selecting the perfect venue involves considering various factors, such as the number of guests, the desired setting, and the available amenities. Ensure the platform aligns with your vision, whether it’s a beachfront ceremony, a garden party, or a chic urban affair. It’s also crucial to consider logistics like parking, accessibility, and accommodation options for guests.


Personalising Your Wedding

An intimate wedding on the Gold Coast offers endless opportunities for personalisation. The options are limitless, from customizing decor to suit the coastal vibe to incorporating local flora and fauna in your theme. Personal touches in the ceremony, like writing your vows or having a friend officiate, make the day uniquely yours.


Working with Local Vendors

Embracing local vendors, from photographers to caterers, supports the community and ensures your wedding has a distinct Gold Coast flavour. Local vendors are familiar with the area and can provide invaluable insights and suggestions to enhance your wedding experience.


Makeup Ideas for Intimate Wedding in Gold Coast

When planning a wedding at a small venue on the Gold Coast, especially an intimate one, your makeup style should complement the venue’s ambience and style. Here are some makeup ideas that can perfectly align with the charm and elegance of a small, intimate wedding:

  • Natural and Radiant Look: Emphasize natural beauty with a subtle, glowing makeup look. Use a light foundation or BB cream for a flawless base, add a touch of blush for a healthy glow, and choose nude or soft pink lip colours. Enhance your eyes with neutral eyeshadows and a coat of mascara for a fresh, radiant look.
  • Vintage Glamour: Consider a classic makeup look with a modern twist if your venue has a vintage or retro theme. Bold red lips paired with winged eyeliner can create a timeless and elegant appearance. Keep the rest of your makeup understated to let these features stand out.
  • Bohemian Chic: Choose a more free-spirited and whimsical makeup style for a boho-themed wedding. Use warm, earthy tones for your eyeshadows and a bronzer to add warmth to your complexion. A soft, smudged eyeliner and a tinted lip balm can complete this effortlessly beautiful look.
  • Beachy and Fresh: A beachfront or coastal venue calls for a breezy, beach-inspired makeup look. Think glowing skin, a hint of bronzer for a sun-kissed effect, and glossy lips. Opt for waterproof mascara and cream eyeshadow in a shade that reflects the ocean, like soft blues or greens.
  • Romantic and Soft: Choose soft, dreamy makeup for a more romantic ambience. Rosy cheeks, a light dusting of shimmer on the eyelids, and a glossy, rose-hued lip can create a sweet and sophisticated look.
  • Dramatic and Bold: If you want to make a statement, go for a more dramatic look. Smoky eyes paired with a nude lip can create a stunning contrast, perfect for an evening ceremony. Add some false lashes for extra drama.
  • Minimalist and Chic: Embrace a minimalist approach with a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Focus on perfecting your skin with a good primer and foundation, add a subtle flush of colour to your cheeks, and choose a sheer lip colour. This look is all about enhancing your natural beauty without overdoing it.
  • Colourful and Fun: Don’t shy away from colour for a playful touch. A pop of colour on the eyes or lips can be a fun way to express your personality. Choose a bright eyeliner or a vibrant lip colour that complements your wedding theme.


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Why Choose Tina Kristen Weddings?

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Q: How can I schedule a tour of the venues?

You can contact the venues directly to schedule a tour. Many offer virtual and in-person tours, allowing you to explore the space and discuss your wedding plans with their team.

Q: Are there on-site catering options available at these venues?

Most of the venues on our list offer on-site catering with various menu options to suit different tastes and dietary requirements. We recommend contacting the media for detailed information on their catering services and menu options.

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding venue?

We recommend booking as early as possible, especially if planning a wedding during peak seasons. A lead time of 6-12 months is advisable, but some venues may require more notice.