9 Wedding Hairstyles to Show Off Your Natural Curly Hair

9 Wedding Hairstyles to Show Off Your Natural Curly Hair

Knowing About Different Wedding Hairstyles

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Embracing your natural curly hair on your wedding day is a beautiful way to showcase your individuality and feel genuinely yourself. With its unique patterns and textures, curly hair offers a wealth of styling options that can be tailored to reflect your style and complement your wedding attire. The key to a stunning curly hairstyle is selecting a look that enhances your natural beauty feels comfortable and will hold up throughout the day’s festivities. This guide aims to inspire you with 35 wedding hairstyles perfect for showing off your natural curls, ensuring you look and feel your best on one of the most memorable days of your life.


Understanding Your Curly Hair Type

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Curly hair is as unique as the individual wearing it, making it all the more important to understand your specific curl pattern before deciding on a wedding hairstyle. Your curl type influences the style options and dictates the care and products needed to keep your hair looking its best on your wedding day.


Identifying Your Curl Pattern

Curl patterns are generally categorized into three main types: type 2 (wavy), type 3 (curly), and type 4 (coil). Each type has subcategories that further define the curl’s tightness or looseness.

Type 2 (Wavy): This hair type has a loose, S-shaped pattern ranging from delicate and thin to coarse and curly. Wavy hair tends to be more oily than curly or oily and can benefit from lightweight styling products that enhance its natural texture without causing buildup.

Type 3 (Curly): Curly hair boasts a more defined S or spiral shape, ranging from loose curls to tight ringlets. This type often struggles with moisture retention, making hydration a critical factor in its care. Products with humectants and creams that enhance curl definition are ideal for type 3 hair.

Type 4 (Coily): Coily hair features very tight curls or kinks and is the most fragile of the curl types. It requires significant moisture and protection to prevent breakage and maintain health. Heavy creams, butter, and oils are beneficial for locking in moisture and defining the tight curls of type 4 hair.


The Basics of Curly Hair Care

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Maintaining the health of your curly hair is foundational to achieving the perfect wedding day look. Here are critical aspects of curly hair care:

  • Moisturizing: All curly hair types benefit from regular hydration to combat frizz and enhance shine. Using leave-in conditioners, hair masks, and oils can help maintain moisture levels and keep curls looking vibrant.
  • Detangling: Curly hair is prone to knots and tangles, leading to breakage if not handled gently. Detangling with a wide-tooth comb or fingers when the hair is wet and conditioned minimizes damage and ensures an even distribution of products.
  • Protecting: Exposure to heat-styling tools, the sun, and environmental pollutants can harm your curls. Protect your hair by using heat protectant sprays, minimizing the use of heat styling tools, and wearing hats or scarves in harsh weather conditions.
  • Regular Trims and Treatments: Keeping your ends trimmed prevents split ends from travelling up the hair shaft, while deep conditioning treatments restore hydration and elasticity to your curls.
  • Protective Styling: Styles that tuck away the ends of your hair can prevent tangles and minimize damage from environmental exposure. These styles are practical for daily wear and can also be elegant options for wedding-related events.


Top Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Curly Hair

Embracing your natural curls on your wedding day creates a look of effortless beauty that reflects your style. Whether you’re planning a formal affair, a casual outdoor ceremony, or something in between, a curly hairstyle is perfect for your special day. Below are some top wedding hairstyles for brides with naturally curly hair, ranging from elegant updos to romantic half-up and half-down styles and glamorous ways to wear your curls loose.


Timeless and Elegant Updos for Natural Curly Hair

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Creating a bridal look that feels both timeless and personal can be beautifully achieved with a suitable updo, especially for those with naturally curly hair. Curly hair brings texture, volume, and a unique flair to traditional wedding hairstyles, making each updo a style and a statement. Let’s dive deeper into how to craft these elegant looks for your special day.


Romantic Updo with Flowers

romantic updo

The romantic updo adorned with flowers is a quintessential choice for brides seeking a soft and enchanting look. This style is characterized by gently pulled-back curls gathered at the nape of the neck or higher, creating an effortlessly elegant silhouette. The key to achieving this dreamy aesthetic lies in allowing the natural texture of your curls to shine through, offering a sense of whimsy and romance.

Styling tips:

  • Start with well-moisturized hair to ensure your curls are defined and frizz-free.
  • Loosely twist or braid sections of your hair before pinning them up to add structure while maintaining a soft appearance.
  • Choose flowers that resonate with your wedding’s colour scheme and your bouquet. Fresh flowers such as roses, baby’s breath, or lavender can add a delightful fragrance and visual appeal, while high-quality silk flowers offer durability without sacrificing beauty.
  • When placing flowers in your hair, consider their size and colour. Smaller blooms can be scattered throughout the updo, while larger flowers can be a focal point.


Classic Bun with a Twist

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Elevating the classic bun with elements like twists or braids showcases the versatility of curly hair and adds a layer of sophistication to your bridal look. This style transforms a simple bun into a work of art, perfect for the bride who desires a blend of tradition and personal flair.

Styling Tips:

  • Ensure your hair is hydrated and detangled for smooth braiding and twisting.
  • Incorporate twists or braids starting from the front or sides of your head, leading back to the bun. This technique not only adds visual interest but also helps to secure the hair in place.
  • Experiment with the placement and size of the bun. A higher bun can create a more dramatic look, while a lower bun might appear more classic and understated.
  • Accessorize with decorative pins or a veil to complement the intricate details of your hairstyle. A crown or a delicate tiara can add a regal touch, making you feel like royalty on your wedding day.


Half-Up, Half-Down Styles for Natural Curly Hair

Half-up, half-down hairstyles offer the perfect blend of elegance and whimsy, making them a popular choice for brides with natural curly hair. These styles provide the best of both worlds—neatly pulled-back hair that accentuates the face and flowing curls that add romance and softness to the bridal look. Whether adorned with a tiara for a fairy-tale finish or intertwined with bohemian braids, these hairstyles celebrate the natural beauty of curls in a wedding setting.


Cascading Curls with a Tiara

Cascading Curls with a Tiara

The enchantment of a fairy-tale wedding can be captured through a half-up, half-down hairstyle featuring cascading curls crowned with a tiara. This style exudes elegance and regality, perfect for the bride who dreams of a storybook wedding day.

Styling Tips:

  • Begin by ensuring your curls are well-defined and frizz-free. Using a curl-enhancing product can help maintain the shape and volume of your curls throughout the day.
  • Gather the top section of your hair and secure it at the back of your head. Depending on the desired look, this can be done with clear elastic bands or decorative pins.
  • Place the tiara at the crown of your head, just above where the hair is secured. Adjust it to sit comfortably and securely, ensuring it complements the shape of your hairstyle.
  • Let the remaining curls fall freely down your back, creating a beautiful cascade that adds movement and texture to your bridal ensemble.


Bohemian Braids and Curls

Bohemian Braids and Curls

For the free-spirited bride, a bohemian-inspired hairstyle that marries braids with loose curls creates a look of relaxed elegance. This versatile style suits various wedding venues, from a serene beach to a quaint countryside barn.

Styling Tips:

  • Hydrate your curls to enhance their natural texture and ensure they look their best. A lightweight leave-in conditioner or curl cream can help achieve this.
  • Incorporate small, loose braids starting from the front or sides of your head, weaving them back and integrating them into the half-up portion of the hairstyle. This adds a bohemian flair and helps manage any shorter layers or fringe.
  • Personalize the look by weaving tiny flowers, ribbons, or delicate jewels into the braids. Choose embellishments that echo the theme and colours of your wedding for a cohesive look.
  • Allow the lower half of your hair to flow freely, showcasing the natural beauty of your curls. This adds a romantic touch and keeps the style feeling light and airy.


Letting Your Curls Down for Your Wedding Day

For many brides, their wedding day is the perfect opportunity to showcase the natural beauty of their curls. Letting your curls down can be a stunning choice, offering an effortlessly chic and inherently romantic look. Whether you prefer soft and voluminous curls or defined curls with a side part, there are ways to make your natural texture the star of your bridal look.


Soft and Voluminous Curls

Soft and Voluminous Curls

Opting for soft and voluminous curls on your wedding day brings a glamorous yet timeless charm. This style suits brides who wish to balance sophistication and ease, allowing their natural curls to flow freely.

Styling Tips:

  • Start with a hydrating hair routine in the weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure your curls are in their best shape. Deep conditioning treatments can help enhance your hair’s natural volume and shine.
  • On the day, use a curl-defining cream or mousse that offers hold without stiffness, encouraging your curls to retain their softness and bounce.
  • A diffuser attachment on your hairdryer can help enhance the volume of your curls while minimizing frizz. Tilt your head upside down while drying to encourage lift at the roots.
  • Accessorize with a statement headband or a delicate veil pinned at the back to add a touch of elegance without overpowering your natural curls. Strategic placement of hairpins adorned with pearls or crystals can add subtle sparkle to your look.


Defined Curls with Side Part

For brides looking for a more structured look, defined curls with a profound side part offer elegance and poise. This style accentuates your facial features and adds a polished touch to any bridal ensemble.

Styling Tips:

  • To achieve sleek, defined curls, use a high-quality curl cream or gel that reduces frizz and enhances the definition of each curl. Apply the product to damp hair, using your fingers to twist and define individual curls.
  • A deep side part can be created while your hair is still wet, using a tail comb for precision. This will give your hairstyle direction and a more dramatic look.
  • Consider using a lightweight serum or oil to shine and tame any frizz, focusing on the ends and areas prone to flyaways.
  • For added glamour, complement your defined curls with subtle hair accessories like small hairpins with pearls or diamonds placed along the parting to catch the light and draw attention to your curls.


Accessorizing Your Curls for the Wedding Day

Accessorizing your natural curls can transform your wedding hairstyle into a stunning, personalized statement that complements your bridal look. Whether integrating a traditional veil or choosing decorative headpieces, the right accessories can highlight your curls and tie your appearance with your wedding’s overall theme.


Veils and Curly Hair

Veils and Curly Hair

Choosing the right veil to complement curly hair is essential for a harmonious look. The texture and volume of your curls can influence how the veil sits and flows, so considering these factors is crucial.

  • Soft Tulle Veil: A soft tulle veil is lightweight and easily secured in curly hair, especially when pinned under an updo or half-up style. Its delicate fabric doesn’t weigh down curls, preserving their natural bounce and shape.
  • Cathedral-Length Veil: For a more dramatic effect, a cathedral-length veil draped over loose curls creates a breathtaking visual. Ensure the veil is anchored securely, possibly at the crown of your head, to prevent it from slipping while still showcasing your curls.
  • Styling Tip: When choosing your veil, consider the placement that best suits your hairstyle and the veil’s edge detailing. Lace or beaded edges can add an extra design element, while a simple cut edge might do a more minimalist aesthetic.


Headpieces and Hairpins for Curly Hair

Headpieces and Hairpins for Curly Hair

Decorative headpieces, hairpins, and combs add sparkle and help manage and style curls on your wedding day.

  • Decorative Headpieces: Choose headpieces that complement the shape and volume of your curls, such as tiaras, headbands, or floral crowns. These can create or accentuate the parting in your hair or frame your face beautifully.
  • Hairpins and Combs: Hairpins with pearls or crystals and decorative combs can be strategically placed throughout your curls to add subtle shimmer or to secure parts of your hairstyle. Opt for accessories with smooth edges to avoid snagging your curls.
  • Styling Tip: Trial different accessories with your hairstylist to find what works best with your chosen hairstyle and wedding theme. Ensure each accessory enhances your look without overwhelming your natural curls.


Preparing Your Curly Hair for the Big Day

Preparing Your Curly Hair for the Big Day

Weeks Before the Wedding: Treatments and Trims

Start a hair care regimen that focuses on hydration and health. Schedule a trim to remove split ends, and consider deep conditioning treatments to enhance your curls’ natural beauty. Avoid any drastic colour or cut changes close to your wedding to prevent surprises.

The Night Before Hair Masks and Protective Styles

Apply a nourishing hair mask the night before your wedding, and sleep with your hair in a protective style, such as a loose braid or twist, to minimize frizz and maximize definition.

On the Day: Final Touches and Product Recommendations

Use trusted products that work well with your curly hair. Apply a defining gel or mousse to damp hair for hold, and finish with a lightweight hairspray to ensure your style lasts all day.


Choosing the Right Hairstylist

Choosing the Right Hairstylist

Questions to Ask Potential Stylists

Inquire about their experience with curly hair and discuss your vision. Ensuring they understand your hair type and the look you want to achieve is vital.

Doing a Trial Run

A trial is crucial for seeing how your hair responds to the stylist’s techniques and products. This session is the time to make adjustments and finalize your wedding day hairstyle.

Communicating Your Vision

Be clear about your desired look and be open to suggestions. Bring photos of hairstyles you like and discuss how they can be adapted to suit your curls and wedding attire.


Real Wedding Inspirations for Brides with Curly Hair

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Drawing inspiration from real weddings can be incredibly helpful for brides with curly hair. Seeing how others have embraced their natural texture on their special day can provide ideas and the confidence to showcase your curls. Here are some insights and inspirations from real brides with curly hair and various hairstyles celebrated in their natural glory.


Stories from Brides with Curly Hair

  • Beach Wedding Bliss: One bride shared her experience of getting married on a beach, where she let her curls flow freely, enhanced only by a flower crown. The salt air naturally boosted her curls, adding to her effortless beachy look. She emphasized the importance of embracing the natural environment and how it can complement your curly hair on the wedding day.
  • Elegant Vineyard Vows: Another bride opted for a romantic updo for her vineyard wedding with loose curls pinned elegantly at the back of her head. She intertwined small vine-like hair accessories that mirrored the vineyard’s natural beauty, creating a harmonious bridal look that felt elegant and organic.
  • Rustic Barn Romance: A bride who celebrated her day in a rural barn setting chose a half-up, half-down style with soft braids weaving through her voluminous curls. She added touches of baby’s breath throughout her hair, which perfectly matched the rustic, romantic theme of her wedding.
  • Classic Church Ceremony: For a more traditional wedding in a church, one bride went with a classic bun at the nape of her neck, letting a few curls frame her face for softness. She chose a cathedral-length veil pinned at the crown of her head, which draped beautifully over her curls, combining tradition with her style.


Gallery of Hairstyles

To further inspire you, consider exploring galleries of hairstyles from real weddings. Look for:

  • Updos with Texture: Many brides with curly hair choose updos, highlighting their hair’s natural texture. Look for photos of updos that incorporate braids, twists, or pinned curls for inspiration.
  • Accessorized Curls: See how real brides have accessorized their curls with everything from simple pins to elaborate headpieces. Notice how different accessories can completely change the vibe of a hairstyle.
  • Loose and Lovely: For those considering wearing their hair down, look for images of brides with loose curls. Please pay attention to how they’ve managed to keep their curls defined and frizz-free throughout the event.
  • Veil Styles: If you’re planning to wear a veil, seek out photos of how brides with curly hair have incorporated veils into their hairstyles. From blusher veils to long, flowing cathedral veils, see how each style complements the natural curls.



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Q: How do I know my curl type?

Check your hair when wet and dry to see your curl pattern, ranging from wavy to coily. For precise identification and care tips, consult a stylist.

Q: Can I change my hairstyle during the wedding?

Yes, with planning and your stylist’s help, you can switch hairstyles from ceremony to reception. Discuss options and timing in advance.

Q: How can I keep my curls defined all day?

Use styling products suited for your curls that hydrate and hold. Consider weather conditions and have a touch-up kit ready for quick fixes.

Q: What products are best for curly wedding hairstyles?

Opt for moisturizing and hold-enhancing products like leave-in conditioners and curl creams. Trial runs can help find the best match for your hair.

Q: When should I schedule a hair trial?

Ideally, several months before the wedding, allowing time to test and adjust styles. Make any significant hair changes before your trial for accuracy.