• The booking deposit secures your specified date and is non-refundable & non-transferable to another date. Upon paying the deposit you agree to the terms and conditions stated. The deposit is $50 and the remaining balance is to be paid 2 weeks before or cash on the day.
  • Cancellations 30 days from your wedding date may incur a charge. This may include the outstanding balance of the wedding party that is booked.
  • All final numbers must be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. If numbers are reduced in that time you will be required to pay for the cancelled services. Please advise of extra numbers to allow enough time.


  • All quotes are valid for 30 days after they are sent.
  • We have minimum number requirements for weekends & certain dates.
  • There will be a travel fee for some areas, we will include this in your quote once the location is finalised. If there is a location change, we may need to add on a travel fee if it is further away.
  • Parking fees that apply in hotels or resorts are to be paid by the client when charges apply.
  • Early start fees may apply, before 6.30am.


  • Trials are to be conducted midweek, Monday to Thursday at our locations and will be paid for at the time of consultation. If additional consultations are required, these will incur additional costs.
  • Trials are to consist of one hairstyle and one makeup application. If you require a second look of hair and makeup on the day of the trial, there will be an extra charge of $50 per service. If you require a second trial on another day, the trial will then be charged again at our set trial rate.


  • Hairstyling & haircutting clip in or permanent hair extensions will incur an extra cost.
  • We do not hold responsibility for the colour of hair extensions and do not colour them.


  • We are not responsible for any sensitivities or allergic reactions to the products. It is up to the client to let us know of any allergy or sensitivities.


  • Photos that are taken either on the day or in the trial can be used on our Website and Social Media. We may receive or contact your professional photographer to use photos of you and your bridal party, unless otherwise agreed prior to your day.


  • We do not accept responsibility for inconveniences outside Tina Kristen Wedding’s control, such as Natural Disaster, unusually severe weather and late arrival due to Traffic related incidents.


  • Individual eyelash extensions are included in our pricing. We do not apply a full strip lash.


  • Public Holiday rates apply to each applicable state.